Maxines Challenge 2015

Joined an awesome challenge held in Australia called the Maxine and Maxs Challenge. They hold it maybe two times a year for 12 weeks and provide nutrition and workout guides. …plus it’s free!  You do have to purchase their products though to be eligible to be a winner.  However in saying all that, you are joined by a community with great support by others who are as determined as you! And whenever you need a boast of motivation or are feeling down on yourself,  you’ll find someone lifting your confidence back up again. 

My reason for joining ||

Finally after two kids and 12 years together my partner popped the question. Extremely exciting time in our lives and I want to look amazing for our big day in March 2016. I have done this challenge before, 2 years ago and had amazing results. I tried last year but fell off the wagon big time. This time I’m motivated, and up for a massive challenge to see results. For me when trying on the dresses it was the arms. Honestly they didn’t look toned as much as I wanted them too and a little unflattering. But this challenge is also about keeping fit with the kids and my fiancé who are all heavily (and I mean 5 days a week) involved in soccer. I want to maintain the fitness well after the challenge too. I’m determined to keep this as a long term goal. Good luck everyone x



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