My Weight Journey




Start of the year this Target dress was rising up my butt! It would barely go over my thighs. It was a struggle to get into and since Feb I have tried to loose weight. I followed the 5:2 diet which i used more to control my calorie intake and be more aware of what I was eating. I had days where i would cave to fast food for lunch, which is where i found my biggest downfall.  I couldn’t resist the goodness of oil!  Then it hit me!  WEDDING DRESS shopping. I knew this it. Seeing those arms in the mirror made me realise i needed to get my butt into gear. Back to the 5:2 diet and controlled my calories.  I ended up doing 500 calories 3 days a week. I know critics out there all have opions on what’s best for you, but this tactic worked for me.

Then i knew the Maxines challenge was coming up and this was my chance to tone and shape up.  Week 1 down, 11 to go.  I strive to keep this up as a life change.  Long term, weights and cardio twice a week, and to stay on a controlled balanced diet.

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