November Update

It’s been a trialling and exhausting month with life taking many twists and turns.  Some for the good and some for the bad.  That’s what life is about though,  and we can’t predict what cards are dealt to us.  Ahhhh November 2015…….One i will never forget.

My mum. My dearest mum. She had been dealt the worst cards ever the last four years; dealing with stage four cancer,  pneumonia and all sorts of illnesses.  Her body finally gave up and she passed away peacefully on the 9th of November.

You know when you are loved???? When nothing else is more important…You always put yourself last. Well that was my mum.  Yep.. definitely someone who worked part time so she could be there to drop her kids off at school and make their bed, breakfast and school lunches.  I sound like a spoilt brat but my brother and I were treated the same (even though i used “favoritism” a few times in my life).
She was the family Anchor. I will forever, wholeheartedly miss you for eternity. X Rest with the angels


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