Dinner By Heston

I have been hanging to experience anything created or inspired by Heston since watching his show on TV. I was so shuttered that I didn’t get picked out of the ballot for a sitting at his Fat Duck restaurant. As soon as I heard he had opened ‘Dinner By Heston’ at Crown Casino in replacement of the Fat Duck, I jumped at the opportunity to reserve a spot. I knew my girlfriend loved him too so what better way to go on my birthday and to share this experience with someone who also appreciated his work.

As soon as we were walking towards the restaurant you were greeted with a brown textured wall with ‘Dinner By Heston’ protruding from it.  It was very mysterious and for someone who didn’t know what to except, it definitely made you curious. There was no front of house person to greet you, so we turned into this dark passage which was behind this Brown wall.

(**If you don’t want to ruin the surprise, stop reading**)

A woody, oaky scent would fill this dark passage. There was some sort of light at the end and as we got closer it was like a cylinder scope…Untill then we came to a halt.  Where was the door?  It was so dark all i could hear was the voices of patrons but i couldn’t see anyone.  As we were looking for an entry the sliding door opened.  Finally the mystery revealed. A gorgeous opened spaced restaurant with wooden furniture also graced by sleek, modern orange couches for the bigger groups. I was in awe….You could see the kitchen wherever you sat!  Wow! I could have sat just watching all these chefs at work.

To be continued. ….


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