Surprise Trip – Part II

Part II of My Surprise Trip…

Our first leg was Melbourne to Doha, flying on an Airbus 380-800 with Qatar Airlines.  Yep the longest trip I have been on so far, 14 hours & 20 minutes to be exact.  Hubby flew with them on his way to Croatia and said he was impressed with the Airlines food and entertainment, so I wasn’t worried at all.

Jorde was set.  He had his Ipad and stacks of kid friendly movies to watch.  I don’t think he slept much though, we were seated near a few toddlers and upset babies.  Qatar had given Jorde a kid’s backpack with a drawing book and pencils, which I thought was a nice little gesture. I did think that with our previous flying experiences, Qantas catered a little better with Children though. Being a child flying with Qatar, Jorde received his meals the same time as everyone else.  Qantas seem to make children passengers more of a priority, serving them first before anyone else.  This is so minor, but it’s the little things you remember for next time when choosing an Airline.

We arrived to Doha, Qatar at 4.55am and the sunset was AMAZING!!  The colours of the dusty sand and the sun rising mixing into each other were magical.  As we walked out of the plane I could feel the warmth already, it was so humid.  I was freaking out a little because I’ve never been to this airport before and I had no idea where to go, but luckliy we had 3 hours to kill before our next flight to Barcelona, so I wasn’t in such a panic state.

Our next flight was only 7 hours fying with Qatar again to Barcelona, Spain.  I had already received 12 missed calls and 12 messages from hubby as to why my phone was off and why I wan’t answering, not to mention his mum texting me that he had tried calling her. I thought shit, my surprise is going to be ruined because of my guilt.  Then I thought, if I hold off another couple of hours (he’d be sleeping now in the Netherlands) I should be ok by the time he gets up in the morning.

We arrived in Barcelona and all I wanted to do was get to the appartment in time for the surprise.  Hubby and Cruz were going to arrive about 4.30pm and we arrived into Barcelona at 2.15pm, it was getting close.

We were staying at Mercedes Heritage Apartments, and was greeted by Patricia who was helping me with the surprise.  I was now at ease and getting more excited about the surprise.  She was going to warn me when they arrived, but there was no need as I could hear the stamped of them from the 4th floor.  I had set up the cameras……

We were re-united again!

Hubby said he was shocked, I thought I’d get a better reaction hehehe.

Hope you enjoyed the read.


Donna_Riama xoxo

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