Flight Essentials

What is the main thing you think about when flying on a long trip? (Besides wishing you were in first class 😂)

For me it is staying fresh and clean.  We know that for us women it is super hard to do that on a 14 hour flight so hopefully my tips will help you be prepared for next time.

Because I was in Economy – leg space is limited and I didn’t want to keep getting up and down to get to my bag.  I purchased this cute back pack from Kmart for $20 and I could also put a small pad lock on the zips if I wanted that extra security from naughty pick pockets.

What was in my bag?

Essentials – Phone, Phone Charger, Panadol, Liners (a must ladies), Sunglasses, Ear Phones

From @kmartaus 

Quilted Wallet $15 – Helped me keep my passports and documents in, and stay organised.
Eye Mask $5 – to block out annoying reading lights lol

From @keekooil 

Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen $29.99 * – To ensure my teeth stay white throughout my whole trip.  Super handy and portable.  Gotta be selfie ready, right!?

From @meccacosmetica 

@patchology CleanAF facial wipes $7* – To use this to keep my face free from drool 😴
@patchology On the Fly Kit $29* Eye Gels, Face Mask, Lip Gels – OMG best thing ever to keep your whole face looking rejuvenated and not tired! Just look at my lovely on board flight picture below

From @Lookfantastic

@thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray $32.76 -To Spray on my travel pillow – worked a treat!

From @Colgate Mini Toothbrush*No toothpaste required as it’s already on the brush!


Denotes * Kindly Gifted


Well I hope I have given you some insight on what to take on board to keep you fresh, comfortable and relaxed.

Donna_Riama xox


Pictured above but not mentioned:

From @kmartaus 
Luggage Tag $5
Eye Mask $5
Marble Toothbrush Holder $4.50
Marble Soap Box $4.50

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