My First SHEIN Experience

Well I already knew this site was a hit or miss with their sizing, but I went ahead and purchased a few things anyway.  I caved! I saw a few ladies on Insta wearing items from their site and they looked fab!

Look, I’ve stacked on a few kg’s since the holidays and I measured myself prior to selecting the sizes.  I knew I had to read the reviews on all the items I selected, so I thought awesome I should get my sizing right!  WRONG!  1 out of 4 things fitted.

This is very hard for me to put photos of myself up, looking meh! But please, if you can leave me comments or give me tips on how to shop this site and get it right for next time, I’d love you forever and ever?

Below is the best to worst – fresh out of the packet so please excuse the wrinkles.

I’m currently a size 12 xox

Shein 1.JPG

SHEIN Mock Neck Grid Fitted Dress       Size:L      AU$13.56

Best pic out of the bunch.  It’s stretchy and really comfortable to wear.  It will look more flattering if I wore spanks or stockings underneath.  Overall I’m happy with this purchase.


Shein 2.JPG

Symmetric Embroidery Slit Dolphin Hem Denim Shirt  Size:L  AU$23.54

Really nice fit but why, why did the spilt have to be so high!?  There is no way I’ll be heading outside with just this and undies.  I guess shorts will need to be worn underneath.


Shein 3

Floral Print Self Tie Waist Dress  Size:M  AU$20.82

Size chart for this item only gave me Bust & Length Size (What’s that about).  My Busts are 80cm and I knew there was nooooooo way I’m a small, so I chanced it with a Medium.  I could have easily ordered a large.

Size S M L XL
Bust 96 100 104 108
Length 110 111 112 113
Sleeve Length 22 23 24 25


Shein 4.JPG

SHEIN Ruffle Detail Belted Pants  Size:L  AU$19.91

My measurements are 80 waist, hips 100cm.  I thought I’d get away with a large, but this mumma has some thighs so they are super tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Size S M L
Waist 70 74 78
Hip Size 92 96 100
Length 105 106 107
Thigh 60 60.2 64.5

But do not fear – I’m using these items as an incentive to lose those extra kg’s I’ve gained.  (And I can’t be bothered returning them)

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my first SHEIN experience.  You just never know with online shopping.


5 thoughts on “My First SHEIN Experience

  1. Hey, omg I’m scared now, I ordered my first item from this site the other day, I don’t order clothes online very often, as I’m scared of sizing. You now have me very worried 😩
    There is a return policy though isn’t there?? 30days or something ??

    I’d love some tips too please, and I have everything crossed my dress fits, as the size chart didn’t reslly help me 😬


      1. Yeah!!! Got my dress 😀 and……. thank goodness
        It fits 😀👍 so happy 😀 and like I think I
        mentioned, my measurements and theirs did not
        Match, I just hoped for the best 😬😀👍


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