The #SoccerMum must have coat

Soccer = Winter Sport here in Australia, and all I can think of is rain, wind and freezing my little butt off watching my boys play soccer. Yeah, forget about my kids and them playing in the cold rain. It’s all about me being in comfort right?!

This year I was determined to find the ultimate coat. No more wearing a thin wind breaker or fabric vest that soaks up all the rain, oh no. It had to keep me warm and dry.

The hunt was on for an affordable puffer coat. My brief was easy; I wanted to look like I’m wrapped up in a waterproof doona. 🤣

I have put together the below coats under $200, from cheapest to the most expensive.

I featured two Boohoo jackets on my IG post, but unfortunately I don’t know the thickness of them so I haven’t listed them below.

I’ve featured my thickness rating out of 5. *One being thin and five being thick*

Rivers – Longline Padded Jacket $35 Rating 2

Screenshot_20190509-192207_Samsung Internet

Kmart – Longline Hooded Puffer Jacket $35 Rating 2

Screenshot_20190509-184741_Samsung Internet

Big W – B Collection Womens Long Padded Coat Black $39 Rating 2.5

Screenshot_20190509-184850_Samsung Internet

Target – Longline Padded Jacket $59 Rating 2.5

Screenshot_20190509-184538_Samsung Internet

Cotton On – Longline Active Puffer Jacket $89.99 Rating 3.5

Screenshot_20190509-185028_Samsung Internet

Just Jeans – Abbie Longline Puffer Jacket $104.96 Rating 3.5

Screenshot_20190509-191848_Samsung Internet

Fleet St – Puffer Jacket $134.25 Rating 4

Screenshot_20190509-190326_Samsung Internet

Uniqlo – Women Light Weight Down Hood Coat $149.90 Rating 2.5

409122_sub3 (1)

Forever new – Polly Puffa Coat $169.99 Rating 4.5


Witchery – Longline Puffer $199.95 Rating 4.5

Screenshot_20190509-190518_Samsung Internet

I purchased the Forever New Polly Puffa Coat last week, after going around and feeling the thickness of each coat.

With the weather roughly 16°, light rain and wind, I was kept dry and warm on the weekend. All I had on underneath the coat was a chambray shirt and I was not feeling the cold at all. The true test will be when it’s pouring down rain to see how waterproof it is.

Good luck finding your wearable doona 😁

Donna_riama xox

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