Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

It feels like forever since my last post! It has been an amazing couple of months leading up to the wedding and post wedding. I actually feel like something is missing now and I feel slightly lost. Let's start off with my dress.  Of course the most important part of the wedding. hehehe I was [...]

Wedding Invites

What comes to mind when you plan a wedding? MONEY! And for people like us who are funding the wedding, it's all about money money money! !! Shit is getting real when your details of your day have been finalised and you can start designing your invites. Our colours of the night are White, Black [...]

Wedding dress fitting

My first ever calico fitting since my original measurements with my dress maker. I have been on this Maxines Challenge for a good 5 weeks now and since eating healthy and working out you just don't realise how much your body can change.  Well putting on my calico dress was the exciting part.  It needed [...]

Reception ideas

To some guests intricate details are what catches their eye at your wedding, and some don't really care.  The most important thing to remember is that it is your wedding and though you'd like to wow your guests it's what you can afford that matters. You can spend big and regret it afterwards or you [...]