Young Mum

Hands up✋I'm one of those mums that shops at the youngsters stores,  like Supŕe and Dotti. When I walk into some of these stores, their staff sometimes look at me thinking 'what the hell is she doing in here? ' you know what honey anyone can rock your outfits.  If you want a sale then [...]

My baby boys

I'd like to dedicate this post to my two baby boys. Yes they will always be my babies and when they're married with their own family,  they'll still be my baby boys!  Today I can hold my head high and think gee we can be honestly proud of our boys. Today was parent teacher interviews. [...]

Why Start Bloggin?

I was asked today why all of a sudden these pictures on instagram? Good question. I used to use instagram just like Facebook. But after being on instagram I've noticed alot of extravagant fashions and statement peices that simple a mum like me can't afford.  I mean i can afford them but it'll probably be [...]