Kombucha Update

Hi Everyone, Just a quick update on how my kombucha is going. It has been two and a half weeks since I first started the process. The below photos were taken at one and a half weeks. I tasted the liquid and it was very sweet. Actually tasted quite nice, but it's supposed to be [...]

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

It feels like forever since my last post! It has been an amazing couple of months leading up to the wedding and post wedding. I actually feel like something is missing now and I feel slightly lost. Let's start off with my dress.  Of course the most important part of the wedding. hehehe I was [...]

Soccer Mad

Hey all, so I'm super excited about how far my boys and their friends have come with their foot skills in soccer. I technically didn't grow up around soccer, so excuse my basic terminology. OK so my fiancé has been coaching for all most a year now,  but playing soccer himself his whole life. He [...]

Mummy Swim wear!

Stop the press!  I have found the ultimate bargin swim wear for us mummas and anyone else who wants to feel comfortable not falling out of their swim gear.  I love to get down and dirty with the kids when it's beach time. Meaning bring on sand and water play.  I found with bikinis i [...]